Chartis Hospital Plans in South Africa

Embrace Excellence in Healthcare

In a landscape marked by evolving demands and intricate challenges, we stand firm in our conviction that positive transformation is not only possible but essential.

Our Journey

Twenty years ago, Chartis embarked on a mission to elevate healthcare standards. While our core mission remains unchanged, our reach and expertise have expanded significantly. Welcoming other purpose-driven healthcare entities into our fold, including Greeley, Healthscape Advisors, and Jarrard, we now address crucial industry concerns such as health equity, practitioner well-being, and rural healthcare access. Today, our commitment to reshaping healthcare for the better burns brighter than ever before.

Driven by Purpose, Committed to Progress

For over two decades, our unwavering dedication has been to enhance healthcare delivery across the board.

We are a diverse collective of strategists, informaticists, finance professionals, clinical quality specialists, health equity advocates, medical professionals, health plan experts, community health advocates, communications experts, forward-thinking healthcare analysts, operational leaders, digital innovators, and transaction specialists, united by a common goal: to pioneer positive change in healthcare.

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be much information available about the Chartis Hospital Plan. For more information, please visit their website.


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