The Unlimited Hospital Plan

Discover Our Story.

For over 28 years, The Unlimited has been silently crafting a legacy of transformation, liberating individuals from constraints and empowering countless lives along the way.

Unbounded in Scope

From safeguarding health to covering motor and legal matters, and even providing support during the most difficult times, we cater to the needs of over three million individuals. With claims exceeding half a billion Rand, we also reward our valued customers with over R1 billion worth of FREE airtime and data.

Unyielding Commitment

By fostering employment for thousands of South Africans and nurturing hundreds of entrepreneurs, we’ve ignited a wave of independence, paving the path for numerous success stories and even minting several millionaires.

Unshakeable Conviction

Driven by our firm belief in responsible business practices, we’ve spearheaded initiatives like The Unlimited Child—a pioneering program in leadership and early childhood development (ECD)—to create a brighter future for generations to come.

The Unlimited offers accident cash payments when you are admitted to the hospital. This is not a hospital plan and does not cover your medical bills. You can, however, use the cash therefore if you wish. Read more about their cover here.


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