Genesis Hospital Plan

Discover Our Distinctive Hospital Plan Benefits

Experience unparalleled coverage with our hospital plans, ensuring your peace of mind during both planned and emergency hospital admissions.

Enjoy the freedom to choose any private hospital, doctor, or medical specialist in South Africa without being restricted by networks. With our plans, you have the flexibility to access healthcare services wherever you prefer, ensuring seamless and convenient treatment options.

Benefit from comprehensive coverage for doctors and specialists under our MED-100 option, reimbursed at 100% of the Scheme Tariff. Alternatively, opt for our MED-200 option, offering even greater coverage at 200% of the Scheme Tariff, providing you with enhanced financial protection during medical consultations and procedures.

Furthermore, both of our hospital plans include generous benefits for basic dentistry, ensuring that your oral health needs are taken care of without any additional financial burden on your part. Additionally, our MED-200 option extends coverage to include out-of-hospital benefits for essential services such as X-rays, MRI/CT scans, and diagnostic endoscopies, further enhancing the value and scope of your healthcare coverage.

Genesis’ Affordable Hospital Plan was rated #1 in South Africa. Read more about their plans here.


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