Resolution Health Hospital Plan

The Resolution Health hospital plan provides comprehensive in-hospital benefits at 100{8df7a5bd1965231c5cb72b45f5f9893cc4cab7ddb36501bc2dfd360cf4bc0cca} of the scheme’s rate. This means that members can access unlimited private hospitalization at any hospital in South Africa and receive a casualty benefit for emergencies.

In terms of overall annual limits, there are no limits to the number of treatments you can have, as long as they adhere to the protocols set out by the scheme. All providers – including GPs and specialists – will be paid at 100{8df7a5bd1965231c5cb72b45f5f9893cc4cab7ddb36501bc2dfd360cf4bc0cca} of the Scheme Tariff, with unlimited radiography and pathology included in this. Oncology is restricted to R180 081 per family per annum for ICON Network providers only, while organ transplants are limited to PMB procedures within state hospitals only. Dialysis also requires membership of a network provider and internal prostheses are subject to procedure sub-limits based on R37 685 each time. Mental health is covered under PMBs (prescribed minimum benefits) at designated providers only, while 25 chronic conditions plus HIV/BPH/HRT are also covered under this plan.

Contributions towards the Resolution Health Hospital Plan vary depending on your age group: adult members pay R1 450 annually; children pay R640; whilst member contributions stand at R1 720 annually across all age groups combined..

With these competitive rates providing extensive coverage when it comes accessing necessary medical services, Resolution Health offers peace of mind for those who choose it as their primary healthcare provider – an invaluable resource during times such as these!

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