Discovery Health Hospital Plan

Discovering the best hospital plan for your health needs can seem daunting, especially with the many different plans available. But have no fear! Discovery Health Medical Scheme is here to help you make an informed decision on which plan will be right for you.

Discovery offers 23 different plans ranging from a simple hospital-only policy through their Core Series plans up to more comprehensive medical aid packages with additional day-to-day benefits and cover included in the Smart Series Plans.

Primary Series

Access unlimited private hospital care with our Core Series, ensuring comprehensive medical attention when you need it most. Benefit from guaranteed full coverage for specialist fees arranged under payment agreements and enjoy complete coverage for chronic medications related to Chronic Disease List conditions at network pharmacies.

Smart Series

Elevate your hospital plan experience with our Smart Series, offering unparalleled private hospital coverage within the Smart Network. Enjoy limitless consultations with general practitioners, complemented by nominal co-payments based on your selected plan. Opt for Classic Smart or Essential Smart to align with your specific coverage needs and preferences.

Medical Aid Options

Explore a diverse range of 22 plan options, each providing unlimited private hospital coverage to meet your unique healthcare requirements. Benefit from guaranteed full coverage for specialist consultations arranged under payment agreements, ensuring seamless access to essential medical services. Additionally, selected plans offer coverage for day-to-day medical expenses, providing comprehensive protection for your overall well-being.

Read about Discovery’s different plans here.


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