Being registered in the early 70’s, it’s no wonder why Topmed is such a well-known company today, recognized by many of the older, and even the young people of today. Topmed is more famous for their medical aid schemes, but offers hospital plans to their clients as well. According to their website, the hospital plan is more of an introductory medical plan for the younger people. This plan only covers catastrophic events where clients are hospitalized and it doesn’t cover any out-of-hospital bills. The rates for the Topmed hospital plan in 2016 are as follow. For a member, with a maximum of 3 children the premium is R1280, for an adult dependent the amount is R 1030 and for a student or minor R520. If you need any more information about this hospital plan, we highly recommend you visit Topmed’s website. If you need a hospital plan that will suit your needs, we recommend you request a quote on this page, our agents will find the best plans for you and send you all the details together with the rates of each plan.

Topmed Hospital Plan Introductory Video



Topmed Hospital Plan – An Introduction


This is an introductory video for Topmed’s South African hospital plan with a summary of the rates for 2016. Video is a summary of the content on…

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