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It is important for you to understand the difference between hospitals plans that are part of medical schemes and the ones that are sold by insurance companies. One difference is that a hospital plan is not regulated by medical councils and they offer a limited cover. In addition, the cover may be cancelled at any time especially when your claims have become too high. This means that since the plan is not regulated, you will have nowhere to lodge your complaints if you want to dispute your claim.

Medical Aid Schemes

By law, medical schemes will be required to offer plans having prescribed minimum benefit. This is going to cover a number of chronic medical conditions including HIV, heart conditions and diabetes. However, even if you do not have enough money to take out medical aid, you can still find a hospital plan that is affordable and still provides you with greater coverage, and most importantly, it will be guaranteed. Medical schemes may increase your monthly premiums or terminate your cover based upon your claims history.
A medical aid has penalties if you join as a first timer and you are past 39 years of age. Even if a person took a break from being a member for over 90 days, these fees may still be applicable and they are applicable for life. Even though a person chooses another medical scheme, the late joiner fees may still be applied. For instance, if you joined the medical scheme when you are 40 years old, you will be asked to pay 10 percent more compared to other members. A fifty year old may be asked to pay 20 percent more than the other members of the same medical scheme. This means the earlier you join a medical scheme, the better for you.

Hospital Plans

The hospital plans are also referred to as an entry level medical aid plan. This is because it is a more affordable option to choose. With medical aid, you might end up having to pay crazy amounts of money as monthly premiums. In addition, a medical aid scheme will often leave you in a quandary when you need it the most. This is because of the restrictive regulations that a person needs to follow.

The hospital plans are suitable for fit and healthy young people since it costs less and they need fewer medical services. There is selective cover and applies only when you require major surgery, after being involved in an accident and when you have spent the night at the hospital. On the other hand, with medical aid, you pay more money but you will have peace of mind knowing that your cover, claims, surgery and hospitalization are sorted.

Why and How to Get Affordable Hospital Plans

There are a lot of affordable hospital plans which are offered to the public nowadays. These hospital plans can be considered as entry level medical plans because they are the cheapest among all medical schemes available. Medical plans usually cover the policy holders low and high frequency medical related incidents like hospitalization. These affordable hospital plans are attractive to the healthy and young people who don’t spend that much for their healthcare. However, it is wise to upgrade to a higher level of medical coverage as you go older. There are a lot of companies which can show you all their medical schemes which you can choose.

If you get an affordable hospital plan, you can surely save a lot of your money because aside from being cheap you can surely get some medical aids once you are admitted to a hospital. Usually, out-patients are not covered. Some hospital plans need you to get hospitalized over-night before you can get its benefits. There are also some which cover both.

This hospital plan might not cover everything but this is still a good idea for those who are still starting up with their careers or are still young to think about the worst scenarios. You don’t want to shoulder all the high expenses in the hospital so these affordable hospital plans can really do the job well for you.

Even though these affordable hospital plans are very much attractive, there are other medical aid plans that might be of interest to you. You should be aware though that these plans are way higher in cost compared to the entry level hospital plans. It is still affordable to the working class and can provide greater medical cover than the hospital plans. Its up to you to decide which plans to get. It is wise to start from the bottom then upgrade in the future. You would need insurances.

Hospital plans don’t usually cover medication costs, but this will vary from plan to plan.

Before getting your hospital plan, you need to compare all available plans available to tell which one best fits you. Hospital plan is by far the best plan because it covers minor and major medical expenses with a fixed monthly price. You don’t need to think about any extra fee even if you are confined and is billed with a high cost.

If you are thinking about which medical plan to choose from, then you need to do a little homework before you decide. Medical schemes and medical aid experts will contact you as soon as you start asking them for their help. They are just waiting for you to ask and they will provide you with their help as soon as possible. You don’t have to worry about any scams or whatsoever for as long as you search for the best and legitimate group of medical aid brokers and experts. You can call, email, chat or visit their website to ask them regarding the medical schemes that they are offering.

Lastly, your hospital plan doesn’t need to be costly. Just because it is cheap, you might think that the affordable hospital plans are scam or of low quality service. Affordable or cheap – these medical schemes aim to one common goal which is to help each individual.

How to find affordable hospital plan quotes

Watch the tutorial below to find out how to get the best rates today.