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Exactly What Is a Hospital Cash Back Plan?

Many people are not exactly sure what a hospital cover is, which is one reason why they never consider buying it for themselves or their family covermembers. The fact of the matter is that a hospital plan can be very helpful in the long run

The reality is that normal hospital plans do not usually cover all the expenses connected with healthcare in South Africa. This is the point where a hospital indemnity plan (or cash back plan) comes in handy and is a bit more practical.

How Does This Work?

When you are confined in a hospital, this plan ensures that you are paid out a fixed amount (lump-sum) per time period (normally daily) throughout your stay in the hospital. As an example, if the plan guarantees R2000 per day, then you would get this amount daily during your hospital stay. The cash itself can be used for hospital related expenditures such as transport or the expense of the room, if it is not covered by, or you do not have a medical aid. You may also use it for out-of-hospital costs that are associated with hospitalization such as outpatient appointments or nurse care. With many plans you may also use the cash for non-hospital related things like groceries etc, just be sure to read the fine print of your plan.

Why Go With a Hospital Indemnity Plan?

A hospital cash plan can be an added to an existing medical aid or it can be obtained independently. Some people rather want to avoid the entire idea, because they don’t want to think that something might happen to them or their loved-ones. This however, is something you must think about. First of all, this kind of plan can save you a lot of expenses that, otherwise, has to come out of your own pocket.

Another thing about these types of plans is that there aren’t usually constraints as with a medical aid plan – things like network hospitals or doctors you have to make use of.

Exactly What Sets Them Apart from Medical Aid Schemes?

Many people do not understand the difference between these types of plans. In reality, hospital plans are more like entry level medical aid plans. The premiums are a lot less and basically you need to take care of your own day-today medical bills. You are covered in the event that you have to go to the hospital where either the hospital bills and transportation costs are covered, or you get paid out a lump-sum (cash-back plan). Things like doctor’s visits and dentistry are not usually included in hospital plans although not every cover plan in South Africa includes maternity benefits as well.